“NCI Consulting Group core essence is successfully managing client’s market growth”

“NCI Consulting Group core essence is successfully managing client’s market growth”

“NCI Consulting Group core essence is based on our market knowledge and ability of successfully managing client’s market growth”.

                                                           NCI Business Development  

Is your organization considering GPO, IDN & Coalitions contracts for revenue growth? Then you might already be aware of the magnitude of the project to evaluate the opportunity.  The research into market  competitors and each GPO major and regional and IDN’s & Coalitions contracting practices, schedules for RFI/RFP’s and their expectations for contracted vendors is critical information needed for the decision making process. Obtaining the marketplace data available for the product group that your product falls into for each GPO targeted IDN’s and Coalitions analyzing it is a project by itself.  NCI Business Development Projects, which are customized for each client, will conduct the research, analyze the data and transform it all into actionable intelligence enabling you to make an informed decision.

If your decision is to move, forward NCI offers a number of additional programs to support you with GPO, IDN, Coalition and Alternate Site potential customers and competitor’s market intelligence.

NCI will prove how your company can successfully address the below GPO/IDN/Coalition/ Alternate Site and Competitive challenges that you are facing. You can select one or several offerings below to meet your “Speed to Revenue” needs. Each project offering is proposed separately:

                                         NCI Business Development Project Offerings:

Company Direction:

  • Develop Board of Advisors
  • Develop a Board
  • Stirring Committee Development
  • Advisory Committee Development
  • Develop think tank-Future concepts

Motivational Concepts:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive mentoring
  • Motivational Concepts
  • State of The Supply Chain presentation
  • The future of GPOs, IDNs, Coalitions & ACOs presentation

Marketing Concepts:

  • Provides product development guidance by the actual users in determining fundamental driver of demand and growth
  • Market research of competitors and other barriers
  • Research market sales potential
  • Develop and manage focus group with selected healthcare executives
  • Develop Value Proposition based on market demands
  • Website Design & Effectiveness
  • Trade Show effectiveness five steps to success

  Sales Growth based on Intelligence Innovations:

  • Develop sales force management protocols
  • Develop and manage an outsourced sales force
  • Develop an effective sales force incentive programs
  • GPO selection and analysis processes based on supplier solution
  • IDN selection and analysis processes based on suppliers soluiton
  • Sales Operations-Customer Data Bases, Distribution, Sales Tracking, GPO reporting
  • Provides IDN contract penetration plan template, and key tools to track targeting actions
  • Provides GPO contract penetration plan template, and key tools to track targeting actions
  • Provides Coalition contract penetration plan template, and key tools to track targeting actions
  • Provides AlterNet Site contract penetration plan template, and key tools to track targeting actions
  • Qualifying process GPO, IDN & Coalition sales opportunities
  • Confirm meeting processes with “C: level executives
  • Develop effective meeting next step process
  • Develop meeting report format
  • Qualify the sales opportunity processes
  • Developing an effective meeting next step action plan
  • Manage the sales process, we provide an optimal framework for business review meetings with GPO & IDN contract executives
  • Develop GPO, IDN, Coalition Contract Launch protocols
  • Competitor analysis SWAT

      Sales Operations Development & or Outsourcing

  • Sales Operations Strategic Plan
  • Customer Master Files
  1. Vendor developed and updated
  2. Enlarged with new customer segments
  3. Linkage to GPO/IDN membership
  4. Policies and training for staff
  • Order Processing
  1. Vendor developed and updated
  2. Web based order system
  3. Provide order history
  4. Track shipping data
  5. Phone/fax order system
  6. GPO/IDN pricing links
  7. Daily shipping reports
  8. Policies and training for staff
  • Analytics
  1. Vendor or IT dept. developed
  2. Dashboards for sales data
  3. Sales by Product line
  4. Sales by customer
  5. Sales by Territory
  6. Dashboards for GPO/IDN contract
  7. Sales dollars
  1. Membership penetration
  2. Provide the Analytics needed to

provide Senior Management with the actionable intelligence needed in the development of sales strategies, targets, goals and policies and training for staff

National Account Outsourcing:

  • Analyze the effectiveness of a national accounts program
  • Streamline the processes of a national accounts program
  • Develop Job Descriptions and SOPs
  • GPO Contract Management
  • IDN Contract Management
  • Coalition Contract Management
  • Develop national accounts program and train the staff to support the program
  • Develop sales penetration strategies and tactics implementation from the GPO level to supplier field sales
      • Develop GPO and IDN RFI, RFP protocols
      • Review RFI & RFP
      • Respond to RFI & RFP
      • Analyze  the effectiveness of Distribution Channels
      • Develop and implement a Sales Tracking program
      • Promotional Development
      • Market Research                                  

Revenue-Development Services for Investors and the Companies They Fund: M&A Executives • Investment Bankers • Private-Equity Partners • Venture Capitalists • Angels    

  • NCI delivers (1) critical insight for investment decision-making, and (2) hands-on support to maximize venture investments
  • Our team’s ability to uncover, characterize, and enhance the investment value of health industry startups was honed through decades of work with nearly every category of stakeholder in the healthcare vertical
  • Our venture-scouting, due-diligence, and revenue-development services are ideal for results-minded investors seeking highly-focused support in optimizing their investments within the healthcare industry
  • We have nurtured deep relationships with the founders, leadership teams, and revenue-performance drivers in a broad range of health industry enterprises
  • Our industry analysis, strategic planning, and business development work with health industry enterprises supports the financial success of corporate M&A executives, private-equity partners, venture-capitalists, angel groups, and independent angels
  • We’ve kept a finger on the pulse of untapped markets for more than 20 years, and we’ve consistently differentiated between game-changing innovations with “staying power” and “flashes in the pan.” We know which new solutions are so well-aligned with customer needs that their developers are sure to emerge as market leaders…and which are
    “me-too” offerings, at best.
  • We’ve seen the value-propositions that lead to deals and the ones that lead to dead-ends. We know the difference

NCI’s research-analysts experts can help you:

  • analyze and reengineer value propositions to optimize revenue development;
  • get your sales-leadership teams in front of the right decision-makers at the right time to accelerate speed-to-revenue and earnings; and
  • position your ventures for highly-favorable liquidity events so you get the financial windfalls you deserve

We look forward to exploring the opportunities of implementing market growth solutions. .

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