NCI Consulting Group Joins Forces with Tryon Clear View Group

NCI Consulting Group Joins Forces with Tryon Clear View Group

NCI Consulting Group Joins Forces with Tryon Clear View Group

Sustainable Cost Reduction Experts Offer Unparalleled Results

Southland, Texas, NCI Consulting Group, LLC , a leading sales and marketing firm servicing healthcare suppliers in the US, is renewing their consulting affiliation with Tryon Clear View Group (TCVG) based in North Carolina. TCVG is an innovative company offering cost reduction solutions in the areas of telecom, utilities, waste and copiers. With a track record of savings found 98% of the time over the past 15 years TCVG provides experts in their field with over 500 years of experience.

“NCI has re-upped with TCVG which has proven itself successful since 2001, saving hospital and healthcare systems 28% in telecom, 33% for waste and 29% for copiers.  Their industry expertise continually provides GPO and IDNs increased revenues due to their success rate of savings found 98% of the time. NCI will work closely with TCVG enhancing ongoing relationships with GPOs and IDNs

About NCI Consulting Group, LLC

NCI Consulting Group is one of the most respected sales and marketing firms in the United States, supplying specialization in IDN (Integrated Delivery Network)  GPO (Group Purchasing Organization), and major Health System market share expansion for healthcare suppliers. With 28 years in the business and more than 120 supplier clients ranging from start-ups to global-wide corporations, NCI provides revenue-generating and cost optimizing insights, connections and sales channels to enhance supplier clients’ business development in the healthcare industry. For more information, visit the company’s website at


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About Tryon Clear View Group, LLC

The constant pursuit of innovative solutions for sustainable cost reduction is the engine that drives TCVG, who focus on telecom, waste, copiers and utilities only.   “The most transparent view for sustainable cost reduction is offered once our analysis takes place, taking little or no time of our clients. We stay with our client for the duration of the contract, offering timely answers to concerns that may arise.” says John Taylor, President of Tryon Clear View Group.

Tryon Clear View Group has been operating since 2001, successfully cutting costs for over 1,300 hospitals and healthcare facilities, government agencies, municipalities, universities, and private enterprise.  The staff performing each review consists of expense category specialists with over 500 years of combined experience in telecom alone! They are dedicated to their field operating with a proprietary database offering best-in-class pricing nationwide; and onsite telecom line analysis as needed.  Tryon Clear View Group’s mission is to offer sustainable cost reduction solutions and have been doing so successfully 98% of the time.

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