NOVATION Awards Contract To NCI Client Tryon Clear View Group

NOVATION Awards Contract To NCI Client Tryon Clear View Group

Novation Awards Exclusive Telecom Auditing Solution Contract to Tryon Clear View Group
Contract delivers on Novation’s goal to support cost reduction initiatives.

IRVING, TX; July 6th, 2015 – Novation, the leading health care services company for more than 100,000 members and affiliates of VHA Inc., UHC, Children’s Hospital Association and Provista, LLC awards a sole source, contract to Tryon Clear View Group, LLC. headquartered in Tryon, NC. Tryon Clear View Group provides cost reduction audits for the non-clinical categories of Telecom, Waste, Utilities and Copiers.

The telecom category is complex, and many acute and non-acute clients appreciate the support to ensure that they are not paying for services that are not in use or were never ordered. Tryon Clear View Group’s team of telecom auditors will review all invoices, contracts and provide a complimentary, physical line audit to ensure that all circuits and lines coming into each facility are functioning and billing properly.
“There are over 300 billable items on telecom invoices. TCVG is successful in finding savings for our clients over 98% of the time. We average 22.6% savings in the telecom category. ” said John Taylor, President of Tryon Clear View Group. . “We have also developed a proprietary national database that will show our clients what other hospitals or non- acute clients are paying the same vendor for the same service in their regions. If we see that our client is being overcharged, we will work with their chosen vendor to reduce those rates.”

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