Strategic Directions Solution

Solution Details:

Our proprietary discovery process identifies enterprise strengths, weaknesses, development needs and new business opportunities to grow a prospective partners solution. Whether it is a product, service or even software, NCI Strategic Directions solution includes a combination of assessments linking the science of behavioral assessments, competency modeling, market research and in-market evaluation for greater enterprise effectiveness. The result for our clients is the knowledge necessary to sustain higher performance. Strategic Directions is fundamental to all that we do providing the critical intelligence to strategic sales transformations.

How it Works: The 6 Steps

Develop value proposition:
Assess and develops a unique value proposition anchored by value-centric selling principles, validating it with leading IDN and GPO executives

Identify opportunities:
which match the clients solution deliverables: Respond to provider pain points to reduce time for solution

Schedules meetings:
shortening the closing Cycle. NCI will open, provides agenda, client provides presentation, NCI controls next action steps toward client contract award. NCI will provide meeting

Develop tactical plan:
client leaves meeting with tactical plan leading to a contract award. The tactical plan is approved by Client

Business Growth:
For many of our clients, acquiring access to key decision makers in their target market is a difficult yet critical challenge uncovered during Strategic Directions. Using our extensive relationships we have generated over the past 25 years, clients can select targets from GPO, IDN, Coalitions, major health system’s , channels and partners to present their solution for market share expansion.

We support our client’s sales teams access to key healthcare executives setting up initial meetings, creating value propositions and working with our clients on ongoing strategy and penetration. Clients can engage NCI’s outsourced sales team aligning the needs of our clients business to an expertly selected sales team targeted at the clients solution result

What you will gain:

Action Planning: Equipped with this critical information, bundled into our fully integrated Threads report, we work with you to develop appropriate action plans that align your sales organization to deliver extraordinary business results.

A sales force that is aligned, and focused on the strategic objectives of the business