Strategic Partners Testimonials

Healthcare Executive Testimonials

Testimonials from NCI CG Clients.

Strategic Partners Testimonials

Jim is an outstanding professional who always provides excellent analysis of the healthcare supply chain market. His relationships provide him a rich source of knowledge and contact to any situation. Jim’s assisted our organization immensely as we navigate the healthcare supply chain market

John Kelly , CEO of Bluegrass Business Media

I have known – and have worked close with – Jim Dausch in several capacities over the past 20 years, and specifically in his role with NCI for nearly a decade. What allows him to deliver success to his clients in ways that few others can is that he KNOWS the industry, KNOWS the contacts, and KNOWS how to get things done. But what impresses me most about Jim is that despite this knowledge, if an obstacle presents itself to him, he will not stop working on coming up with a solution until he has created one. I’ve seen this in pursuit of contracts for his clients, in building relationships with senior-most execs, and in delivering value to all sides of the supply chain table well before talking about “value” was in vogue. It’s been a pleasure and an honor for me to have worked with Jim Dausch in my career, and to be able to call him a friend. Any supplier needing a jumpstart to growing its healthcare revenues would be well served to engage the services of NCI

Patrick Michael Plummer , Past-CEO

Jim has been a friend and trusted business partner for many years. If you are looking for a person of integrity, loyalty and dedication, he is “the one”.

Tim Charow , President