Current & Past Suppliers Testimonials

Healthcare Executive Testimonials

Testimonials from NCI CG Clients.

Current & Past Suppliers Testimonials

We retained NCI Consulting Group (NCI) to introduce us to GPOs and large IDN’s under NCI’s Business Development Program. NCI introduced us to several GPO and large IDN executives to gain invaluable intelligence and direction on how to position Tryon Clear View Group (TCVG) to potential customers. We had been trying to schedule meetings with several GPOs and large IDNs for years unsuccessfully. With a revised strategy, tactics, positioning introduction and NCI connections in healthcare that are superior to anyone. TCVG has been awarded contracts with MedAssets, Amerinet and Novation through NCI representation. I know we have been successful in expanding the TCVG “Brand” and solutions. NCI demonstrated their representation value by successful increasing TCVG sales and market growth

John Taylor , Owner & President

In real estate it is “location, location, location” while in business its “doors, doors, doors” and who can open them for you. With their extensive network of contacts, NCI Consulting Group has given us access to potential IDN, GPO and Hospital customers that we were not able penetrate on our own. This includes meetings with high level executives who previously said that they were not interested in us.
They have truly proven their ability to build our brand awareness throughout the supply chain. If you want to increase your market penetration in the healthcare marketplace, then NCI Consulting Group has the solution for you.

Richard Young , President & CEO

I would like to take the opportunity to make the highest recommendation of Jim Dausch and his company NCI. Tri-anim has had the great fortune of forging a 22 year relationship with Jim that has resulted in multiple contracts with GPO’s and IDN’s. Over the years this has added incalculable value to Tri-anim as a business strategy, helping us to achieve accelerated growth. Initially this provided credibility in the hospital community via Jim’s efforts and was one of the guiding strategies that enabled us to build a company from a few million dollars to over $340 million.
From a personal aspect Jim has fun “making it happen” every day as a partner and collaborator, holding himself to the highest ethical standards. This is why we found Jim’s contacts and knowledge of Health System was only surpassed by his diligence and efforts to make a difference in an organization. I would be happy to provide additional information on how Jim and NCI could make an impact on your organization.

Dale Clendon , Past President

We started with NCI Consulting Group 22 years ago with the idea that we would probably utilize them for two or three years, then would no longer need NCI Consulting Group (NCI CONSULTING GROUP) Market solicitation and penetration services. Here we are 22 years later, still with them, and the … reason for that is they continue to be a valuable asset to Tri-anim …
One of the reasons that the relationship has continued to flourish is that both companies have always worked as a team … We have gained value not from just the agreements we have gotten during those 22 years, but also the relationships that they have helped to create for us that we could not have possibly made without them.
Another very important variable for us has been that the NCI Consulting Group team has been fun to work with, not only because of their desire to do the right thing, but the attitudes with which they do it, including getting back to us in a timely manner, great follow-up, and an ongoing desire to assist us in any way possible

Robert A. Byers Jr., Past President/CEO

I am pleased to recommend the capabilities of NCI to any international company looking to penetrate the US healthcare market. When Tiger Medical Group first embarked upon our aggressive US growth strategy, we knew enough to be dangerous about the way products are purchased, but not enough to be truly efficient and effective. The US market purchases medical products in a complicated, somewhat counterintuitive way and navigating the appropriate channels among the GPOs, Distributors, and IDNs can quickly turn into an expensive exercise. NCI was able to help us focus our business development efforts in the right way, to ensure that we brought a compelling value proposition to each channel constituent, and to leverage their extensive relationships in the industry to get us in front of decision makers. Our customers appreciate the diligence NCI does on the front end to ensure that those decision makers’ time is wisely used, resulting in a win-win for everyone

Christopher Holt, China–Past CEO

NCI Consulting Group (NCI-CG) has been a valuable resource for Tiger Medical Group. In 2010 we decided to bring Tiger Medical Brand to market and would not have had near the success without contracting with NCI. NCI helped with the strategy for North America and brought to us industry expertise. Jim Dausch in particular has been an invaluable asset with his industry knowledge and connections. Tiger Medical Group with Jim’s assistance has gone from a sourcing company to a products company that now has business with many large IDN’s. Jim was instrumental in getting us in front of the Industry leaders in the United States. Tiger Medical Group now has major contracts with several GPO’s including MedAssets and Novation. Without NCI this would have taken us many years to accomplish what has taken us under a year to accomplish. Jim is respected within the IDN and GPO community and I would recommend NCI to any company that is looking to get into Healthcare in North America

Michael Padgett, China- Vice President of Global Business Development

NCI Consulting Group, (Jim Dausch), has been an integral consulting partner to our firm for over eight years. NCI’s involvement has assisted our company in driving long-term agreements with both GPO’s and key hospital IDN’s. We highly recommend NCI’s services for those companies looking to understand and drive sales into the healthcare market

Marv Landon , Founder and CEO

NCI Consulting Group has assisted FDSI in becoming the industry’s leading 3PL for inbound freight cost reduction. They have also helped FDSI to gain visibility of our solution at the large IDN and GPO C Suite level, further enhancing our market penetration. And when we were ready to unveil FDSI’s Logistics Management for Construction Projects this year NCI CONSULTING GROUP assisted FDSI capture the attention of the construction project owners, facilities planning managers, general contractors and the hospital C Suite. NCI CONSULTING GROUP has TRULY met and exceeded our EXPECTATIONS

Gary Galloway , President Healthcare Division

We are fortunate to have found and partnered with Jim Dausch and NCI. Their professionalism, ethics and business sense are exemplary and commendable. NCI has:
• Generated greater visibility of our company’s solutions,
• Improved our contract position with GPOs, and IDNs
• Helped us form relationships with key decision-makers at major health systems
Jim and his team have also played a major role in educating and training our developing national account team. Overall, NCI has been a blessing to work with over the last several years

Tim O’Halla , President

As a small manufacturer launching a new product with limited resources, NCI immediately expanded our reach at the executive level of IDN’s and GPO’s. But most impressive was the difference their relationships made in bringing us instant access & credibility with key decision makers at the system level.
NCI was a true extension of our corporate accounts department and made a tremendous impact! They mapped out their vision for account targeting based on our value proposition, complete with lockstep execution steps. They prequalified accounts and scheduled meeting after meeting, accelerating our marketing, feedback loop, and sales cycle.
NCI helped us move sales from pipeline to P.O. in 30% less time, and at 40% less cost than traditional outreach efforts. I recommend NCI highly, and regard them as THE strategic partner for anyone looking to implement a work-smarter-not-harder approach to penetrating the hospital market

Mark Colangelo , Corporate Director Business Development

I personally retained NCI Consulting Group at two different firms during my career. I have found we have been able to quickly obtain a higher level of visibility to key stakeholder executives via NCI Consulting Group than through traditional National Account strategies alone, which has shortened the contract closing cycle. NCI Consulting Group is able to provide unprecedented real time feedback on the quality and productivity of our customer acquisition activities

Mike Goonewardene , Corporate Vice President

NCI Consulting Group has provided Biotronik with access to upper level management of GPOs and IDNs. Through this access, our brand awareness has been highlighted in a relatively short period of time that normally would have taken years to attain. NCI Consulting Group has helped us develop forward thinking strategies that have allowed Biotronik to customize our strategic penetration process by customer. NCI Consulting Group has provided coaching support for the Biotronik corporate accounts and sales organization

Tom Brown, PastExecutive Vice President

NCI Consulting Group has been instrumental in supporting our market expansion by providing Mizuho OSI with access to upper level management of National Accounts. In a relatively short time, we have developed meaningful relationships through NCI’s connections in the industry. We are a US business under Japanese ownership and NCI clearly understands the dynamics of this and has supported us by opening doors that would have otherwise taken quite some time to accomplish. I consider them to be an indispensable partner for our business.

Steve Lamb , President & COO

NCI provided Fukuda Denshi USA with strategic coordination and executive introductions that assisted our U.S. market introduction. In addition NCI set up and facilitated Fukuda Denshi management meetings with ALL major GPO’s and dozens of highly recognized regional IDN’s. NCI assisted Fukuda Denshi with their first two major GPO contract awards. The NCI “Team” tirelessly traveled across the country to attend those meetings to introduce us and to help us present the Fukuda Denshi solution. Our company name and product recognition are now known within these groups and more Agreements will be forthcoming in the future. I highly recommend NCI, and regard them as “The Right Step to Take” for any company looking for the best way to penetrate the U.S. healthcare market

Loran Van Noy , / Sr. Director