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Testimonials from NCI CG Clients.

IDN Client Testimonials

As a large healthcare system, NCI assisted us many times by introducing their clients that provide needed commodities and/or services. NCI is a professional, talented, ethical and trusted firm to deliver true partnership opportunities between IDNs and suppliers….not merely pushing sales and increasing market-share, but building long-lasting partnerships that deliver true value to both the IDN and the supplier

IFrank Cirillo, Former COO of the Corporation

NCI Consulting Group” displays their industry knowledge by introducing my healthcare system to companies that have a good value proposition as well as a strong offering

Jim McManus, Vice President Finance

I have dealt with NCI for many years. I appreciate their industry and personal knowledge. They do a great job at understanding both the manufacturer’s and provider’s needs and play a key match-maker role. They are trusted and efficient, providing access to the leaders needed for decisions yet respectful for the limited time that decision makers are afforded. They bring a strategic rather than sales approach to our business – this model helps build a more sound foundation and aids in more long- term relationships rather than short-term transactions between trading partners

Vance Moore, Senior Vice President – Operations

Our relationship with NCI, and Jim Dausch, is simple, when we are looking at new products or services, we call Jim first! He has the best little black book in the business.
Working with NCI for several years has produced a long-term relationships. We have used the services of NCI on the professional service side, and the consumable product side as well. We are currently working with a vendor Jim introduced WMC to a couple of years ago. The process NCI let the company through not only accelerated their sales, but also far surpassed our savings goals on Med-Surg products. NCI ensured the company understood the data elements needed to secure the business, and then orchestrated all the players’ requirements to ensure a timing transition to the new vendor. We are currently working on bringing in a new revolutionary product to our critical care units that will greatly enhance not only our patient’s experience, but also ensure our clinical staff are complemented with the most up-to-date products.

Jim Connor, Vice President Supply Chain Operations

NCI Consulting Group does a great job of bringing solutions to my healthcare system. They consistently introduce viable companies that have solid value propositions. Each time I get a call from NCI Consulting Group I jump on the opportunity, because I know it’s something that can work, they don’t waste our time

Mike Mulroe, Vice President

NCI Consulting Group employs an effective process and methodology to present high quality, high value suppliers to the appropriate decision makers in the healthcare marketplace. By bringing these opportunities to the marketplace, NCI Consulting Group makes it possible for potential customers to quickly evaluate and determine the potential impact and value that their health care organizations may be able to derive

Frank Fernandez, AVP/Corporate Director Materials Management

Jim is professional in his encounters. He takes the time to research his potential clients before reaching out demonstrating that he is respectful of his client’s time and interests.

Denyce Campo , C.M.P., Director of Supply Chain Management

I have known Jim for many years during which I have found him to be sincere, dedicated and resourceful. As a Principal with NCI Consulting Group, Jim continuously delivered high value to his clients by meeting specific deadlines and requirements. Jim is a pleasure to work with and has proven to be trustworthy and committed to providing quality service

Afshin Fatholahi, Sr. Vice President Supply Chain

I have worked with Jim a colleague at VHA and later over the span of many years in various roles in the Health Care Supply Chain. He is the consummate professional with a deep understanding of sales strategy and the industry dynamics. Jim’s strength is building and maintaining personal and business relationships. Fundamental to his success is trust, integrity and his ability to delivering results.

John Burks, Vice President Supply Chain Services l Past Novation

NCI Consulting Group has introduced a number of innovative companies to Virtua over the years. These companies presented interesting value propositions that grabbed our attention. The valuable consultative service of NCI Consulting Group has provided supplier Clients with “C” level access to key health care provider decision makers. In our case it would have required more time and effort on the companies’ behalf to gain access

James Rivards, Vice President – Support Services