Jose Bolanos

Jose Bolanos


Jose Bolanos trained at Stanford Medical Center as an Ob/Gyn specialist and served in clinical practice for over 20 years. He is a big picture strategist and visionary focused on future healthcare technologies. He is currently Managing Director of Venture-Med, and angel investment group focused on healthcare innovation.

He is CEO of Nimbus-T which is focused on healthcare IT solutions including patient identity management and fraud reduction. He is advisor to a number of innovative healthcare companies and advisor to the venture capital community.

Nimbus-T inc is a healthcare IT company focused on providing a single identity platform called the Nimbus-Key System. A patent pending double encrypted identity, Nimbus-Key, is a credential issued to each individual, either provider or patient to enable authorized activity within the system. We manage multiple identities for patients across disparate data systems bringing the information to the patient and doctor, truly a patient-centric vision.

One identity the Nimbus-Key allows for registration at multiple sites, hospitals, labs, radiology, clinics while managing a singe identity in each system. This improves operational efficiency and prevents duplicate medical records or errors in data entry. To read the Nimbus-Key, you must use our application to decrypt, authenticate and be authorized to interact with the system. This creates an audit trail for knowing who and when your information was accessed and prevents errors by always having a single identity management system.