NCI Client – MedSpeed

NCI Client – MedSpeed

MedSpeed Healthcare Transportation: A Platform for Creating Greater Value

Healthcare transportation is the first rung in the supply chain ladder. Every health system needs it for the clinical operations to function. The true value is that, if done right, your healthcare transportation operations can transform your courier operations from a cost center into a strategic asset that will not only help meet your organizational goals but also help you become an even better functioning, smarter health system.

Is Your Transportation Operation an Asset or Liability?

MedSpeed, the leading national provider of transportation for healthcare, implements thoughtfully-designed, customized and planned solutions for physically integrating and connecting health systems through the strategic, intra-company delivery of physical materials. A MedSpeed Healthcare Transportation Network is the logistics layer that enables the clinical layer to function most efficiently and effectively.

Savings Hidden In Plain Sight

Healthcare Transportation: The Next Catalyst for System Integration my ip .

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