NCI Introduction of client: Red Bag Solutions

NCI Introduction of client: Red Bag Solutions

NCI Consulting Group would like to introduce: Red Bag Solutions; a biohazardous and regulated medical waste management company with a commitment to self-sustainability and environmental impact. Red Bag Solutions provides innovative technology, equipment and services for the on-site processing of medical and biohazardous waste, using their patented Steam Sterilization and Maceration (SSM) systems. SSM processed waste is sterilized, safe and no longer recognizable as medical waste. Post processed waste can be repurposed, recycled or disposed of as ordinary municipal trash. The revolutionary SSM processing machine is a cost effective and an environmentally superior option to conventional waste management alternatives.

Red Bag Solutions’ customers span the healthcare industry to include; hospitals, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, diagnostic laboratories, research facilities as well as governmental agencies. Red Bag Solutions realizes that every facility’s requirements are unique and they work hard to tailor solutions to meet those specific requirements.  SSM technology can be adapted to suit a variety of specialized processing applications such as liquid waste streams and supporting BSL-3 laboratories.

Regulated Medical Waste processed by the SSM is sterilized, unrecognizable, odor free and completely safe.

NCI is excited to represent Red Bag Solutions and to bring attention to this innovative technology that can reduce a facility’s carbon footprint and help improve efficiency within the healthcare facility.  NCI’s portfolio of clients ranges throughout the spectrum of the healthcare industry, but these solutions that improve upon environmental impact are especially important to us. “The Red Bag Solutions SSM processing machine is truly an innovative product that can benefit the healthcare industry as a whole and improve upon the current waste management segment of the industry.” – Jim Dausch, Principal, NCI Consulting Group

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