LiquidSmarts (SM)


LiquidSMARTS, a Global Sales Training Company, has focused their practice discipline to target soft skill--oriented learning which is crucial to increasing any organizations’ sales volume. Comprehensive assessments and learning tools, including the “Forever Royalty Free Sales Process”, DealSMARTS, can be implemented within any company to increase revenue. Their innovative, micro-learning platform, OnTheGoSMARTS℠, is composed of diverse training materials with convenient access which compliments their full service approach to sales development and organizational success. Follow LiquidSMARTS on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram. Visit LiquidSMARTS at

LiquidSMARTS  is taking a new approach using people-data to strategically design training and coaching programs for sales and marketing professionals. The process is designed to correct performance deficits and increase productivity and revenue in any industry. LiquidSMARTS℠ has streamlined their delivery of OnTheGoSMARTS℠, a micro-learning platform for “on-the-go” learners.