Business Growth

Solution Details:

For many of our clients, acquiring access to key decision makers in their target market is a difficult yet critical challenge uncovered during Strategic Directions. Using our extensive relationships we have generated over the past 30 years, cliens can select targets from GPO, IDN, and major health system’s to present their solution for market share expansion. We guarantee our client’s sales teams access to key healthcare executives setting up initial meetings, creating value propositions and working with our clients on ongoing strategy and penetration. Aligning the needs of our clients business to an expertly selected sales team with development programs targeted at the client’s solution results in strategic sales transformation.

GPO IDN Membership Penetration:

We develop a client penetration plan between GPO and client. We assist client in selecting the top IDN’s within the GPO Membership. We schedule, attend and manage IDN meeting resulting in the IDN implementing the GPO contract