December 17, 2020

Addition to the NCI Team

We are excited to announce the addition of Michael Padgett to the NCI Team. Michael will be joining our team as VP of Client Services for Technology, Distribution and Supply Chain.

Michael Padgett, joins the NCI Team in Supplier representation. He’s a Professional Executive with an excellent track record of organizational change skills with an emphasis on revenue growth and…


November 24, 2020

February 13, 2020

NCI supports FAH Conference and Business Exposition

2020 FAH Conference and Business Exposition

The annual Federation of American Hospitals (FAH) Conference and Business Exposition is widely regarded as one of the health industry’s leading health policy events.

The FAH Conference features addresses by leaders in government, the business community and the media, as well as participation by those who manage on a day-to-day basis the government programs that are…


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