Working Through This Pandemic, Together.

Working Through This Pandemic, Together.

For over thirty years, NCI has worked closely with our clients and their customers to knock down barriers and overcome obstacles, within the healthcare industry, that prevent innovation and improved efficiencies. NCI assists our clients in implementing a broad spectrum of solutions, from “common sense, no nonsense” to “technological and innovative;” we have run the gamut.

With the advent of the recent CDC and Federal Government guidelines regarding the  Coronavirus Pandemic; NCI Consulting Group will continue to provide our clients & client’s customers with the utmost support and representation through NCI’s routine web conferencing platform (  While NCI has been using this platform for many years as a supplement to our face to face meetings; in lieu of the current climate, we will be utilizing this as our primary means for in depth communication as necessary; in addition to, email, voice mail, & text.

[There are many web conferencing solutions available, but we utilize join me for its elegance and simplicity; allowing audiences to join in without the need of downloading additional software.]

At NCI, we appreciate the strong and respectful relationships within the healthcare vertical, that have been built over years of communication and work.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this pandemic. Our deepest appreciation and gratitude goes out to the healthcare workers on the front line.


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